Variable ‘innodb_buffer_pool_size’ is a read only variable

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Let’s take a look at how our Support Team help a customer  deal with this Plesk error.

How to resolve variable ‘innodb_buffer_pool_size’ is a read only variable?

Typically, error will look as shown below:

SQL query:
SET GLOBAL innodb_buffer_pool_size = 2097152000
MySQL said:
#1238 – Variable ‘innodb_buffer_pool_size’ is a read only variable

Usually, it is not possible to change server-wide variables from PHPMyAdmin.

Today, let us see the steps followed by the Support Techs to change the server-wide variables in the MySQL configuration file.

1. Firstly, connect to the Plesk server via SSH for Linux or RDP for Windows/

2. Then, open the MySQL configuration file my.cnf or my.ini in any text editor

Locations of the file are:

for CentOS/RHEL:


for Debian/Ubuntu:


Then, for Windows:


3. Next, add or change the needed variables under the [mysqld] section



Note: recommended range is 60~80% of RAM.

4. Then, save the changes and close the file

5. Finally, restart the MySQL service:

for CentOS/RHEL:

service mysqld restart

Next, for Debian/Ubuntu:

service mysql restart

Then, for Windows:

Open Task Manager > Services and restart MySQL56 service

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Today, we saw steps followed by our Support Engineers to resolve ‘innodb_buffer_pool_size’ is a read only error.


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