The Apache module unique_id is not shown as enabled in Plesk | Resolved

The Apache module unique_id is not shown as enabled in Plesk. Find out why!

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Let’s take a look at how our Support Team recently helped a customer  who cannot view the Apache module unique_id.

Why the Apache module unique_id is not seen as enabled in Plesk

In this scenario, we are likely to come across the following symptoms:

  • We will see the following pre-migation warning by the Plesk Migrator:
    The following Apache modules are not active on the destination server: unique_id.
    Please install and enable these modules to prevent possible problems.
  • The ModSecurity is active on the destinations server.
  • We will not see the unique_id module under Apache Web Server in the Tools & Settings section. Furthermore, it is not present in the output while executing the following command to show Apache modules:
    # plesk bin optimization_settings -s | grep unique_id
    Apache module unique_id is not shown as enabled in Plesk : Tools & Settings
  • When we attempt to list enabled Apache modules using httpd or apachectl, we will see unique_id as listed and enabled:
    # httpd -M | grep unique_id
    unique_id_module (shared)
    # apache2ctl -M | grep unique_id
    unique_id_module (shared)

Interestingly, the unique_id is always active in Plesk by default. Moreover, this is a required condition for ModSecurity to function. In fact, the ability to disable this module is not available in Plesk to eliminate the possibility completely.

Furthermore, we cannot check the module status via Plesk utilities. This is due to the bug with ID PPPM-11037.

According to our Support Team, we do not need to take any particular action to resolve this issue. This is because the symptoms appear due to the bug ID PPPM-11037. We can safely ignore the warning message by the Plesk Migrator.

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To sum up, the skilled Support Engineers at Bobcares let us know the reason behind the Apache module unique_id error in Plesk.


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