Rebuild chroot template on a server with Plesk

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How to rebuild chroot template on a server with Plesk?

A chroot is basically a special directory on your computer which prevents applications, if run from inside that directory, from accessing files outside the directory.

In many ways, a chroot is like installing another operating system inside your existing operating system.

chroot temporarily changes the root directory (which is normally /) to the chroot directory.

As the root directory is the top of the filesystem hierarchy, applications are unable to access directories higher up than the root directory, and so are isolated from the rest of the system.

This prevents applications inside the chroot from interfering with files elsewhere on your computer.


Some uses of chroots

The following are some possible uses of chroots:

  • Isolating insecure and unstable applications
  • Running 32-bit applications on 64-bit systems
  • Testing new packages before installing them on the production system
  • Running older versions of applications on more modern versions of Ubuntu
  • Building new packages, allowing careful control over the dependency packages which are installed


Today, let us see how our Support Techs rebuild chroot template:

Execute the script using the following steps:

1. Firstly, connect to the server via SSH.

2. Then, download chroot managing script, unzip it and make executable:

unzip && chmod +x

3. Then, run the script with –rebuild option to remove the chrooted template from all domains, create a new template and apply it:

./ --rebuild

Note: If the type of shell access for system user of a subscription differs from /bin/bash (chrooted), the old template will not remove from its directory.

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Today, we saw steps followed by our Support Engineers to rebuild chroot template on a server with Plesk


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